Tornado Response

Praying for the people of Fairdale and Rochelle who were affected by the devastating tornadoes that hit their towns, yesterday, April 9th. Please read message by Pastor Melissa Meyers, Faith UMC, Genoa;
“Tomorrow is a new day…. Please continue to keep the community of Fairdale in your prayers. Kirkland students– I know you’ll be off school tomorrow, so if you need to talk about what happened today, please know that I am available for you. For all in our community, if you need a quiet place to pray, the sanctuary at Genoa Faith UMC will be available. Help will be needed soon, but please let the emergency personnel do their jobs… There will be time for clean up & recovery soon & many hands will be needed. Donations are being accepted at the Kirkland Fire Department– many items have been donated tonight– lots of food, blankets, water… If you are in need of anything, please go there to pick some things up. I’ll check in at the Fire Department tomorrow to see what’s needed…
Your prayers are so appreciated… And if you know someone who has been affected by these storms, please just listen to their stories…let them cry, let them process, let them be angry, let them be whatever they need to be…. This is a time that no one quite knows how to navigate & can be very confusing & overwhelming… A friendly presence & a listening ear & a hug can mean so much right now”

Our church is collecting cleaning supplies to assemble “Cleaning Buckets” that will go to help tornado victims.

Donations can be made to UMCOR United Methodist Committee on Relief at;


Northern Illinois Conference Disaster Response Chair:

Rev. Christina Vosteen
District Coordinators:

Aurora – Still seeking (if interested please contact DS, Rev. Dick Wisdom at
ChicagoNW, Jane Cheema
Chicago Southern – Rev. Paul M. Nolden
DeKalb – Ed Baylor
Elgin – John Sheely
Rockford – Mike